The SDSMA Gym, Colchester’s Premier Fitness Centre

Tel: 01206 870700

Tel: 01206 870700

Our Gym 

Take a look at our facilities

The facilities at Energyze are extensive, consisting of three areas that focus on cardio, machine weights and free weights. We also have a significant amount of equipment that is geared towards Powerlifting training. 

How a gym should be designed!

A superbly equipped gym and fitness centre for all training types

The unique aspect of our gym and fitness centre is the huge range of equipment which includes a superb powerlifting section, cardio section and machine weights. We also have our very own boxing ring, punch bags and other unique facilities for a broad range of training requirements.


Our cardio section is separate from the weights section, and equipped with a range of equipment from running machines, static cycling equipment, rowing machines and more.

Free Weights

The gym is superbly equipped with an abundance of free weights, allowing the serious bodybuilder or fitness fanatic to enjoy building muscle and definition.


For Powerlifting, we have an abundance of high-quality equipment that is utilised for those that wish to build muscle and work on strength training. This area is also where many from our Powerlifting club work out to improve their skills for competition.

What else is available at the centre?

Ultimate Ninja UK

Ultimate Ninja UK is a unique
and impressive range of full-sized
Ninja obstacles based at our
centre in the heart of
Colchester, Essex.

SD Martial Arts

SD School of Martial Arts, the home of
professional teaching of martial arts in
Colchester, and the largest and
most successful full-time
dojo in Essex.