The SDSMA Gym, Colchester’s Premier Fitness Centre

Tel: 01206 870700

Tel: 01206 870700

The facilities at Energyze are very extensive, consisting of three areas that focus on cardio, machine weights and free weights. We also have a significant amount of equipment that is geared towards Powerlifting training. 

An accomplished Powerlifting club that produces champions!

Energyze Gym and Fitness consists of an excellent arrangement of fitness apparatus. One of the areas of the gym is dedicated to Powerlifting, where the current members meet to improve their skills in this popular sport.

The club and its coaches have been instrumental in the success of many athletes who have committed their time to become UK and World Champions within their disciplines. Our champions include Kitty Burroughs, Mick Amey, Dan Amey, Stewart Cowan, Gracie Besant, Judith McCauley and Daniel McCauley – all have been selected or won international titles. This success is down to dedication and the skills of excellent coaching, none more so than our superb Powerlifting coach, Kitty Burroughs.

The club is fully inclusive, catering for all abilities and meets 3 times per week, but you will find our dedicated athletes training every day including weekends. They are dedicated and the sport is most certainly addictive.

Kitty Burroughs – Head Coach of the Energyze Powerlifting Club

Every year Kitty flies out to coach the GB Masters team at the international championships, and as the Head Coach at Energyze Powerlifting, Kitty is a highly decorated Powerlifter in her own right. Kitty has achieved the status of European and World Champion, and with her incredible knowledge of the sport, she is the perfect coach for anyone looking to get into Powerlifting.

The club is very inclusive by nature, with Kitty and her team training young children with specialist equipment, through to some of our club adult members of advanced years and equally, advanced credentials in the Powerlifting world.

As Kitty states; “The club is very inclusive and its focus on Powerlifting, Strength Training and the support it gives to SD School of Martial Arts in building body strength for those competing, is equally important to the wider membership. We also have members with Downs syndrome, learning difficulties, Autism, ADHD. It is a very welcoming group and anyone can come along and learn to lift.”



Up and coming champions

The bright star of Energyze Powerlifting Club is Gracie Besant aged 15 (pictured below) whose current accolades include;-

  • 1st in Great Britain for bench press,
  • 2nd in Great Britain for 3 lift comp,
  • 2nd in the world for bench press,
  • Holds 5 English records and 7 East Midlands records

Other club members who actively compete at National and World standards are Judith, Daniel and Amy who are also current title holders and multiple record holders.  So as you can see we produce powerful and technically gifted lifters!