The SDSMA Gym, Colchester’s Premier Fitness Centre

Tel: 01206 870700

Tel: 01206 870700

Are you a member of a local sports club?

We offer people who are serious about their sport the chance to train at Energyze Gym & Fitness at a discounted rate.

If you are a local participant in sports clubs, you can join for only £19.95 per month

Why should local sports people join our gym?

Energyze gym and fitness forms part of the SD Arena. At the centre we also have the brilliant international competition standard obstacle course, and the award winning SD School of Martial Arts. Our gym is also the home to our powerlifting club, run by Kitty Burroughs, a former world-champion powerlifter. The centre is all about sport and self-improvement.

The SD Arena is about sporting excellence, having produced British, European and World Champions in martial arts, powerlifting and latterly, obstacle course racing. This is why a membership to Energyze is more than just joining a gym.

Joining Energyze at the SD Arena enables a member to train with the very best personal trainers in the region, focusing on your sport, and how you can become better by being fitter, stronger and mentally able to compete at a higher level.

For this reason, we are offering a discounted membership to all people in the community who are members of sports clubs. Whether you are a footballer, golfer, tennis player, rugby player, cyclist, gymnast, or indeed, any other sport that requires the physical and mental capacity to succeed, Energyze Gym & Fitness is perfectly geared to give you world-class support in your endeavours.

Once you visit us for the first time, we just require communication with your club officials (normally a secretary of your club), confirming they wish to promote the SD Arena gym to their members. Once you visit us for the first time, we just require proof of your membership at your particular sports club, and you can join for the discounted rate of £19.95. Please also note, joining the gym also gives you a free  membership for our powerlifting club, which is an incredible facility to focus on building strength.

We look forward to welcoming fellow competitors to our gym. It is the place where serious people come to train!
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What the professionals say about Energyze Gym & Fitness at the SD Arena…
Sean Doyland

Former British Karate Champion

At every level in any sport, the opportunity to train and be mentored in one location by professionals with a multitude of skills is very special, and somewhat unique. At the SD Arena, our martial arts school has become one of the best in the UK. This has happened because our students are surrounded by brilliant focused and knowledgeable people.

Kitty Burroughs

Former Powerlifting World Champion

Our Energyze Powerlifting club has been a very important part of the community over recent years. We support all kinds of people in the community to development and build their strength in their chosen sport, as well as producing new Powerlifting champions. Our team here at the SD Arena are exceptional and we have an exciting future together.

Ray Rowley

One of the most qualified Personal Trainers in the region

In my capacity as Personal Trainer, I have worked with many professional sports people. Whether you are just starting out in a sport and want to improve, or you are looking for those marginal gains that will help you to become more accomplished, our team can design a focused training plan that will improve your health, and your future sporting prospects.

Tony Conquest

Former Commonwealth Cruiserweight Boxing Champion

As a former professional boxer, I know how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. At the SD Arena and particularly the gym, the mentality of those that train is very different from other gymnasiums. We all talk, and we all help each other to become better people, accomplished at our professions, and to fulfill our ambitions.